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Running Clonezilla on a Lenovo yogabook C930

The Lenovo Yogabook C930 (not to be confused with the Yoga C930) is a compact laptop with an e-ink screen keyboard.

Linux is a little difficult to get working on these little devices, but it is possible.
This page deals with booting Clonezilla live and connecting the WiFi on a Yogabook C930.

The version used here is clonezilla-live-2.7.0-10-amd64

First use your favourite tool to write the clonezilla ISO to a USB device.
Note: you need to connect this to a USB-C port somehow

Next step is to boot into the BIOS and select the USB boot device, do this by fully shutting down the device (shift+shutdown in Windows).
Now hold down VoumeDown+Power buttons briefly, this will activate the e-ink keyboard prior to boot.
Press Fn+F2 repeatedly and the BIOS screen should appear. This might take a few attempts to get right...
Select the USB device from the boot menu.

With any luck you can now see the Clonezilla grub menu.
Select the KMS with large font mode (the large font mode seem to avoid the weird overlapping/interlaced screen problem)
press e to edit
append the following to the kernel command line (this rotates the console once linux is booted, by default it boots in portrait)

press ctrl-x to exit and boot

The locale and keyboard config menus will appear rotated, but don't panic, it will return to normal once you have finished with these menus.

Now you should be at the start of the clonezilla wizard. Press Fn+Alt+F2, then press enter. This switches to virtual console 2 so we can take care of the WiFi.

Note: The WiFi chip used is the Intel 8265 and "iwlwifi" is the intel wifi driver in linux.

Configure driver options file
$ sudo su -
# nano /etc/modprobe.d/iwlwifi-options.conf
options iwlwifi 11n_disable=8 power_save=0
save and exit (ctrl-x, y, enter)
download driver for 8265
the KMS large font option loads Clonezilla into RAM, so you can unplug the USB device you used to boot it and copy the driver file onto it.
put the USB drive back in the laptop and mount it
# cd /mnt
# mkdir sda1
# mount /dev/sda1 sda1
unpack the driver file (tar zxvf filename.tgz)
# cp iwlwifi-*.ucode /lib/firmware

# modprobe -rv iwlwifi
# modprobe -v iwlwifi

Check driver loaded okay with dmesg
# rfkill list all
# iwconfig
# iwlist scan

# nano /etc/network/interfaces
  auto wlan0
  iface wlan0 inet dhcp
  wpa-ssid WiFiNetworkName
  wpa-psk WiFiPassword
  # wpa-scan-ssid is required to force connection to hidden networks
  wpa-scan-ssid 1
save and exit (ctrl-x, y, enter)

# ifdown wlan0
# ifup -v wlan0

With any luck your WiFi has connected and you've picked up an DHCP address.
If not check iwconfig and dmesg for info

Now you can press Fn+Alt+F1 to switch back to virtual console 1 and run Clonezilla, now you can get on with whatever it is you wanted to do in Clonezilla.

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